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Jumbo Loan

About Jumbo loan

Looking to finance a larger property investment? Consider a jumbo loan, tailored for those seeking financing beyond conventional limits. Unlike standard mortgages, jumbo loans accommodate higher loan amounts that surpass conventional conforming loan limits, making them ideal for high-value properties.

However, it's essential to note that with increased loan size comes heightened risk, leading to stricter qualification criteria for jumbo loans. If you're in the market for substantial financing, a jumbo loan could provide the solution you need to secure your dream property.

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Benefits of a Jumbo loan

  • Financing High-Value Properties: Opt for a jumbo loan when purchasing a luxury or high-end home that exceeds your area’s conforming loan limit.
  • Streamlined Financing: Enjoy the simplicity of consolidating your financing into one jumbo loan, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple loans for the entire loan amount.
  • Reduced Mortgage Insurance Costs: With typically higher down payment requirements, often around 20%, jumbo loans frequently waive the need for private mortgage insurance, helping you save on additional costs over time.

Jumbo loan eligibility requirements

  • Favorable credit history
  • Down payment of 20% or more
  • Verification of loan repayment capability
  • Documentation of assets

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